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Border-Lock Implant Impression TraysGCK-110

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The Border-Lock® dentulous implant impression trays are introduced on the market per May 2002. The edentulous implant trays followed per September 2003.
Due to the transparency of the tray and the excellent anatomical fit it is possible to make at chairside immediately the final impression for implants.The Border-Lock® impression trays are developed by Schreinemakers. In case of implants it offers the dentist an alternative for the custom tray from the dental labatory.

Advantages implant impression tray:




  • The axis-direction of the implant is perfectly visible through the transparent tray

  • The drill holes can be made immediately at chair side

  • Border-Lock® impression tray remains rigid

  • Always a fitting tray available

  • 40% savings on impression material compared with traditional trays

  • Excellent control of costs and stock

  • Perfect development of dynamic pressure in the impression material


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