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Picture of Cavex Orthotrace Alginate

Cavex Orthotrace AlginateGUG-150

Extra Fast Set


Orthotrace Alginate

Developed with orthodontic practices in mind

With its extra-fast setting and robust consistency, this alginate does not flow into the back of the mouth, avoiding the gag reflex. The pleasant combination of red fruit fragrance and attractive magenta colour is also inviting for the patient to bite into.

Natural fruit aroma eliminates bite resistance, increasing comfort for assistant and patient.

  • Extra fast set for efficient and fast working
  • Fast water absorption, for easy and dustfree mising into a homogenous paste without lumps
  • Impression can be cast twice
  • Nice flow makes it easy to fill the tray,
  • Solid body makes a complete impression with high muco-buccal fold
  • Patient friendly setting time in the mouth: 1 minute.

500g Bag

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