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Picture of Barmans Anatomical Wooden Wedges

Barmans Anatomical Wooden WedgesEDG-010


Barmans Wooden Wedges

Barman´s Anatomical Wedges achieve better and safer procedures thanks to its anatomical shape. The role of the wedges is to attach the matrices to their correct position and to achieve a better separation from the adjacent tooth. The wedge is progressively thicker from pointed end making the wedge fit most spaces. Available in two sizes small (natural) and large (green). Made of birch wood which makes the wedge soft and pliable.

Barmans Easy Grip Wedges special design provides firm holding and easy, safe insertion. The rounded base of the tip provides smooth inserting between teeth. The shaped sides conform to interdental space to provide optimal and uniformed lateral pressure on the matrix band. Made from birch wood which makes the wedge soft and pliable.

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