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Picture of Haemostatic Sponges Bovine-Based 1x1x1cm

Haemostatic Sponges Bovine-Based 1x1x1cmLPK-080


Haemostatic sponge made of high-quality bovine gelatine that has been highly processed and purified. Delivered in single sterile blister packs with a shelf life of 5 years. Malleable and easy to use. Can be cut to fit the bleeding area. Combined with an antibacterial agent. Insoluble in water with a rapid absorption capacity equivalent to up to 50 times its weight in blood or other liquids. Biocompatible and non-pyrogenic. Offers good adhesion to the bleeding site, promoting the formation of the fibrin network, which is essential for efficient coagulation. Complete resorption in 3-4 weeks. Each individual sponge measures 1 x 1 x 1cm.

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