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Desderman Pure LiquidFPB-020

Schulke & Mayr

  • Alcoholic hand rub for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
  • Bactericidal (incl. TB), fungicidal, virucidal against lipophilic and hydrophilic viruses: polio, rotaviruses, adenoviruses, vaccinia and herpes simplex viruses, HBV, HCV, HIV, noroviruses.
  • Norovirus efficacy tested (15 sec.) in accordance with latest test methods (murine norovirus).
  • Formulated to include emollients for added skin care and protection.
  • Hypoallergenic colour and fragrance free solution.
  • Fast acting and drying due to ethanol base.
  • Active ingredients: 78.2g ethanol 96%, 0.1g biphenyl-2-ol.
  • Desderman Pure is to be used undiluted.


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