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Gigasept FFFJB-010


Schulke & Mayr

High level disinfection solution for plastic and rubber items which cannot be sterilized using conventional methods.

  • highly innovative formulation reducing Health and Safety risks
  • effective against bacteria (inc. Tb), fungi and viruses (inc. HIV, HBV, HCV, Adeno & Polio virus) in 15 min and against spores in 5 hours at 10% dilution
  • very economical, can be used for up to 14 days, unless heavily soiled


■ High level disinfection – sporicidal action
■ Proven – excellent material compatibility
■ Broad spectrum microbiological effectiveness
■ Glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde free
■ Formulation based on high quality succindioldehyde
■ Diluted solution can be used for up to 16 days
■ Concentrate makes 20 litres of in use solution
■ CE marked in line with Medical Device Directive

Gigasept® FF is supplied as a concentrate which can be easily diluted to a 10% use – solution. No activation additives are necessary. When immersing the instruments care must be taken to ensure that all surfaces are covered. Immerse hollow objects so that air is completely driven out.

After the contact time, rinse objects thoroughly under running water. (In case of critical items rinse with sterile water.) Gigasept® FF once prepared and in use can be used up to 16 days. In cases of heavy soiling renew the solution earlier.

2 Litre

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