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Hydrosense Rapid Legionella TestFOY-010

Test Kit


The Dental Clinical Legionella Test, is a breakthrough technology from Hydrosense for the rapid detection of Legionella bacteria in water - delivering test results in minutes instead of days.

  • These tests are optimised for use with hot and cold systems,showers etc.
  • The test is simple to use and fast, with no interpretation required
  • Results are easy to read and obtained within 25 to 55 minutes
  • The test allows immediate understanding and response to water conditions.
  • Use can reduce risk of outbreaks and litigation
  • Regular use will increase confidence in your legionella control
The hydrosense Legionella Dental Test uses an immunochromatographic assay, to detect the presence of cell surface antigens from legionella bacteria in a sample. The presence of antigen causes the "Test Line" to turn red in colour. A "Control Line" is included which should always turn red if the test has been performed correctly.
Each Kit contains the following:
  • 1 Individual foil wrapped test
  • 1 Hollow fibre filter
  • 1 Syringe with recovery buffer
  • 1 Sample collection bottle
  • 1 60ml Syringe (Luer Lock)
Note that this test is intended for the analysis of water samples only. it is not intended for diagnostic testing in a clinical or medical situation for the detecting of legionnaires disease in humans.


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