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Saliva Ejectors

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Hygoformic Saliva EjectorCPI-100


The Hygoformic is equipped with five holes and is adjustable to the patients individual shape and size of the cheek.

The Saliva ejector is connected to the suction system with an adaptor. There are several different adaptors to fit the available standard ejection systems.
When treatment is planned further into the patient´s mouth it is possible to adjust the Hygoformic to reach the teeth in the very back of the patient´s mouth and still at the same time retract the tongue.
Sometimes, when a better suction is needed or there is no possibility to have assistance with an aspirator tube during the treatment, then we recommend to use two Hygoformic connected to each other with a double adaptor (DA10). The use of two Hygoformic this way makes it easy to work both lingually and bucally.
Today Hygoformic is manufactured in a non-toxic and non-pollutive mixture of Polyethylene and Polypropylene.


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