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Air-Flow Perio Prophy Powder BDN-050



The new AIR-FLOW Powder PERIO does away with misconceptions and with harmful biofilm. With an average size of ~25 µm, the Original AIR-FLOW Powder PERIO has extra-fine grains with a particularly low density. As a result, the Original AIR-FLOW Method is effective from the gingival crest to the deepest periodontal pockets. In other words, it also acts where, under the cover of biofilm, billions of bacteria proliferate in subgingival areas to perform their destructive work.

  • Micro-organisms proliferate and grow, the breeding ground develops its own protective layer
  • Bacteria then separate and colonize additional areas
  • Biofilm protects bacteria from drug therapy
  • The immune defences of the body are powerless
  • To prevent a bacterial invasion, the body triggers a process which breaks down bone tissue
  • Implants are equally affected by biofilm; periimplantitis leads to the loss of implants

4x 120g

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