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Air-Flow Classic Prophy PowderBDN-010


The Original AIR-FLOW Powder CLASSIC is much more than just a mechanical cleaning powder.Gentle and selective for professional dental cleaning and the removal of plaque, this powder delivers physiological efficacy. Sodium bicarbonate is the magic word – and the gold standard for prophylaxis. Its alkaline effect of Original AIR-FLOW Powder CLASSIC protects against tooth decay – while the osmotic effect supports the treatment of inflamed gingiva.

Cherry, Cassis, Tropical, Mint - these are the latest flavours. Fresh, fruity, pleasant. And they simply taste good. One of each flavour is in the Mixed Pack.
Then there are the traditional Lemon and Mint flavours to choose separately. 
The original AIR-FLOW Powder CLASSIC to suit personal taste – and to make prophylaxis even more pleasant.

4x 300g

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