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Hawe X-Ray Sensor Holder SystemMSH-010

Testset 2720


  • Compatible with all commonly-used brands, types and sizes of sensors.
  • Precise positioning ensures excellent details on radiographs every time. Reproducible results due to ease of precise positioning.
  • Hawe’s sensor holders accept sensor sizes 0–2 and accommodate all x-ray tubes. Autoclavable at 134°C, at least 3 min.

Contents: 5 sensor holders with ring (1 Kwik-Bite Senso, 1 Super-Bite Senso Anterior, 1 Super-Bite Senso Posterior, 1 Endo-Bite Senso Anterior, 1 Endo-Bite Senso Posterior), 5 Centring Devices

5 holders with rings

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