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Elite CordGBM-005


  • Easy and quick to position in the gingival sulcus without collapse or distortion and without breaking thanks to its interlinked structure and size stability
  • Optimum trauma free gingival displacement, thanks to the light but constant elastic pressure applied on the gingival tissue by the loops of the knitted structure
  • Effective control of the flow of fluid in the sulcus, thanks to the highly absorbent power of the 100% cotton fibre
  • Wide range of thicknesses, enabling the required gingival displacement to be obtained with all gum types
  • Shorter stump preparation times, without the need to repeat impression taking
  • Can be used either non-impregnated or impregnated with the preferred

  • Non-impregnated cord
  • Made from 100% cotton fibre
  • Interlinked knitted structure
  • Each bottle contains 275 cm of cord
  • Available in five thicknesses identified by different colours:
    • # 000 size (black);
    • # 00 size (yellow / black);
    • # 0 size (purple / white);
    • # 1 size (blue / white);
    • # 2 size (green / white).
  • Compatible with all types of commercially available haemostatic solution



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