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Fuji IX GP HandmixEXI-012


Normal And Fast-Setting Packable Glass Ionomer Restorative

The packable non-sticky consistency of Fuji IX GP makes it ideal to be used in Class V, I & II restorations, as base or as core build-up material. The genuine glass ionomer properties, in combination with the ease of use, ensure that Fuji IX GP can meet all your demands on modern restorative materials.


  • Packable posterior glass ionomer
    High wear resistance
  • No need for rubber dam
    Ease of use
  • Intrinsic adhesion to dentine and enamel
    No etching, no bonding
  • No need for undercutting
    Tooth-conserving preparation technique
  • Can be used with metal matrices
    Easy contouring in the cavity
  • Single step placement
    No need for layering technique
  • Good radiopacity
    Facilitating post-operative diagnosis
  • Excellent bio-compatibility

As an extra, GC Fuji IX GP FAST offers:

  • Shorter setting time
    Final finishing after only 3 min. from start of mix
  • Thicker consistency
    For easy packing
  • Stronger
    For improved longevity


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