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Alkazyme Enzymatic Instrument CleanerFJO-010



Alkazyme a combined cleaner-pre-disinfection agent for use in the reprocessing of all reusable immersible, surgical, medical and dental devices prior to sterilisation.
Unique mono enzymatic action ensures rapid results when used within either instrument soaking tanks, sinks or ultrasonic cleaners.

Safe to Use
Alkazyme is nontoxic, biodegradable and free from Aldehyde, Chlorine or Phenols.

Powerful Action

  • Vastly reduces Bio-Burdon aiding effective sterilisation
  • Dissolves proteins (Blood, Saliva, Mucus etc.)
  • Leaves instruments thoroughly clean and bright
  • Dual purpose enzymatic cleaner and disinfectant for the decontamination of medical instruments prior to sterilisation.
  • 750g economy tub of loose powder makes 150 litres.
  • Tubs of 100 single dose water soluble sachets makes 100 litres.
  • Alkazyme will remove biofilm in just 5 minutes.
  • Suitable for use in either static or ultrasonic baths and auto washers.

750g Tub

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