Supporting the NEXT Generation

We are proud to continue our support of the The University of Sheffield’s School of Clinical Dentistry by sponsoring their latest series of six FREE CPD lectures.

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The remaining dates are as follows:


Thursday 18th April – Loupes and Ergonomics

  • Speaker: Dr Callum Connick
  • Aims: Overview of ideal posture and use of loupes for dentists. 
  • Objectives: Understand ergonomic aids, the benefits of loupes, the anatomy of loupes, the physiology of loupes and the role of loupe lights.
  • GDC Development Outcomes: C

Wednesday 15th May – Nutritional Influences In Chronic Inflammation – Implications In The Management Of Periodontal Disease

  • Speaker: Juliette Reeves
  • Aims:  To equip the dental professional with the required knowledge and understanding of nutrition relative to chronic inflammation and its application to periodontal disease. 
  • Objectives: Describe the known systemic health associations with periodontal disease. Explain the role of nutrition relative to chronic inflammation. Assess and review the dietary factors implicated in chronic inflammation. Implement a supportive nutritional approach to the treatment of periodontal disease. 
  • GDC Development Outcomes:  C

For full details & to book your place(s) visit The School of Clinical Dentistry website.