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Continu Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitiser FoamFPD-032

Nuview Continu

Coronavirus is an enveloped virus and Continu's test data confirms that the 2 in 1 formulation has efficacy against all enveloped viruses.

  • An alcohol free disinfection solution that can be used safely on skin without causing dryness or irritation.
  • Continu hand sanitisers are available either as a disinfectant foam for use without water between patients or as an antimicrobial soap for surgical scrubs and to clean hands between sessions.

For hand washing, HTM 01-05 requires that “wall mounted liquid hand wash dispensers with disposable cartridges should be used… Refillable hand wash containers should not be used”.

Continu alcohol free antimicrobial hand wash and sanitising foam products are available in sealed disposable cartridges and wall mounted dispensers to comply with HTM 01-05 but unlike alcohol based alternatives they are very kind to skin.

The wall mounted touch free unit is particularly economical as it dispenses 0.4ml each time it is used so a single one litre pouch provides 2,500 applications.


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