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Gradia Direct Posterior Standard

Product code: EUZ-045

Pack details: Syringe 2.7ml (4g)

Manufacturer: GC

Light-Cured Composite Restorative

With new GC Gradia Direct, you can handle all your in-surgery aesthetically demanding restorations, with just one easy-to-use restorative. Whether it`s a singleshade or a multishade type of procedure, using GC Gradia Direct makes it easier and quicker to achieve a superb, natural looking and long-lasting restoration. Due to the remarkable shade`s adaptation to the surrounding tooth structure, outstanding aesthetic restorations can easily be achieved with only one shade. The combination of different shades will offer unlimited aesthetic results, using a maximum of three shades for an anterior restoration and two shades for a posterior restoration.


  • Micro filled resin hybrid composite developed from the proven GC Gradia laboratory system
  • One restoration system for all your needs
  • System consists of Standard, Outside Special and Inside Special shades

         Unique concept for easier restorations

GC Gradia Direct anterior

  • Excellent aesthetics and surface smoothness
  • A perfect match and adaptation to natural tooth colour
  • Easy and quick to polish for a smooth, glossy surface

GC Gradia Direct posterior

  • Excellent mechanical properties and aesthetics
  • High fracture toughness to resist occlusal stress
  • High wear resistance, low wear on opposing dentition
  • Radiopacity to aid diagnosis

How to use

  • Standard Shades:

         Chameleon effect shades for anterior and posterior restorations.

  • Outside Special:

         Translucent shades for anterior and posterior restorations.

  • Inside Special:

         Opaque shades for anterior restorations only.

Introductory kit:

  • 7 Syringes of: A2, A3, A3.5, AO3, CV, CT, P-A2
  • Shade Guide

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