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Charisma ABC Composite PLT Refill CapsulesEUX-510

Heraeus Kulzer

Easy as ABC.

Charisma ABC is a new hybrid composite that allows natural restorations with minimal effort. Its shade selection, creamy consistency and easy polishing make Charisma ABC your go-to composite for every restoration.
Enjoy the following benefits with your simple yet trusted restorative solution from Heraeus Kulzer:
  • Easy application
  • A brand you can trust
  • Savings you can count on

The updated Charisma performs with the same uncomplicated convenience as always. You, however, will manage natural results with easy single-shade layering techniques even more easily.

Charisma provides a fine surface texture – the finishing and polishing properties remain as easy and convenient as ever.

We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and to continuously update our products. On the basis of our longterm experience in composite technology, we don’t hesitate to make something good even better. That is why we adapted the Charisma formula by using the latest improvements in filler technology. The microhybrid composite is the first composite on the dental market to contain feldspar. This material reinforces our filler system and adds up to a number of improvements:

The ceramic-reinforced Charisma formula
  • facilitates single-shade layering techniques
  • makes the shade selection and match more convenient, and
  • improves the composite’s physical properties.

20 x 0.2g Capsules

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