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Admira Fusion 5 Capsules

Product code: EUA-480

Pack details: 15 x 0.2g Capsules

Manufacturer: Voco

Special Offer: Buy 4 Admira Fusion 5 & get 1 FREE.

To claim, simply order your 4 x Admira Fusion 5 from Next Dental as normal & then send your copy invoice to to request your FREE 5th pack.


Admira Fusion 5 – simplified shade system thanks to Cluster Shades The right selection of the tooth shade is essential for an aesthetically pleasing restoration result, but always identifying the optimal shade is often not that easy. One of the most common methods for selecting the tooth shade is to use shade guides. However, compared to the infinite number of shades that a natural tooth can present, a shade guide can only represent a limited spectrum, which can result in selection of the wrong shade. For this reason, VOCO has set itself the goal of offering dentists an ultra-modern universal restorative material that facilitates day-to-day work in the practice enormously. The solution is the evolution of the innovative, purely ceramic-based ORMOCER® restorative material Admira Fusion. With the new universal composite Admira Fusion 5, it is now possible to cover all VITA® classical shades with just 5 Cluster Shades.

New and patented resin matrix

Admira Fusion 5 employs five different Cluster Shades, which each bundle multiple VITA® shades. The Cluster Shade System is made possible by the new, patented resin matrix, which has been tailored to the size and visual properties of the nano-hybrid particles, resulting in optimised light dispersion. The result is a targeted and intensified chameleon effect within the respective Cluster Shade, allowing perfect adaption of the restorative material to the natural tooth shade. This simplified shade system means dental practices are optimally equipped for all cases in their day-to-day work with just five shades and can thus considerably streamline their inventories. As such, it is no longer necessary to layer multiple shades or use an additional blocker or opaquer. The optimisation of the resin matrix has also made it possible to reduce the curing time significantly: each of the five shades lightcures in just 10 seconds. That saves valuable time.

The simple handling was rated particularly positively in extensive testing.


  • Class I to V restorations
  • Base in class I and II cavities
  • Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors
  • Facetting of discoloured anteriors
  • Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance
  • Locking, splinting of loose teeth
  • Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary
  • C&B-materials
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Core build-up
  • Composite inlays

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