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Biodentine XP
Starter Pack

Product code: DIO-220

Pack details: Each

Manufacturer: Septodont

Biodentine is the first all-in-one biocompatible and bioactive crown root dentine substitute withunique clinical properties.

Product Features
  • All-in-one cartridge: the cartridge already contains both the powder and the liquid.
  • Choice of volume: the cartridge is available in 2 formats (XP 200 or XP 500).
  • You choose the quantity needed depending on the procedure and the deepness of the cavity.
Pack Contents

  • 1 x Biodentine XP 200
  • 1 x Biodentine XP 500
  • 1 X Biodentine XP Gun
  • 1 x Biodentine XP Mixer

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