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One Coat 7 Universal
5ml Refill

Product code: EIL-520

Pack details: 5ml Bottle

Manufacturer: Coltene

Coltene POM June 2024

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One Coat 7 Universal

  • Exceptional bonding values on enamel and dentin
  •  Excellent marginal seal
  •  Minimised postoperative sensitivity
With the system optimisation of One Coat 7.0 , the reliable all-in-one bond One Coat 7 Universal is now available for every indication.

No matter whether Self-Etch, Total Etch or Selective Etch, One Coat 7 Universal covers all needs.

 Effortless bonding to materials such as gold, titanium, ceramics, zirconium oxide and composite entirely without additional primer or silane.

All-purpose universal bond

State-of-the art, self-etching adhesive systems are easy to apply and boost the success rate significantly, especially within restorations in the posterior area. Simultaneously they stand for predictable results, independent of the applied basis or the preferred application technique of the dentist. Coming to reliability and user-friendliness, research and development has now set new material standards:

Reliably adhesive agent on dentin and enamel

The new One Coat 7 Universal was developed on the basis of the favored One Coat 7.0, and is a reliable All-in-One Bond for every indication. Whether self etch, selective enamel etch or total etch technique, a single drop bonds light-curing filling materials easily, quickly and is long-lasting. One Coat 7 Universal is an excellent adhesion promoter on enamel and dentin, thus is a guarantee for safe restorations even in extraordinary cases. With only a single bonding layer it provides consistently high bonding strength, excellent marginal sealing and excellent marginal integrity. These exceptional clinical values are convincing, even when compared with conventional system adhesives.

In conjunction with One Coat Activator it is optionally also possible to use a chemically cured product. You will always be making the right choice with the light-curing single-component adhesive One Coat 7 Universal!

Ergonomic triangular bottle and single dose - Safe and easy

The new bonding agent also comes with a new presentation form. The special triangular bottle, with it`s excellent ergonomic handling, lies comfortably in the hand and the precision dropper allows precise and economical working. One Coat 7 Universal is available as introductory kit with a 5ml bond bottle including etch gel and accessories. There are also practical single dose units for one-off use. These are also offered as refill packs in addition to the 5ml bond bottle.


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